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Psychological Space Transcends Geometrical Space:

The idea of expanding the temporal and spatial boundaries of the photographic medium; allow the artist to use the model to convey the expressive exploration in the areas of alignment, proportion and spatial definition. Using models to explore relationships between open and contained space, permits the artist to use the language of architecture and the architectural model. Exploring the idea of site geometries, histories and traces, lets our mind wander through as well as wonder about the significance of these events.

Artist working with the retrieval of memory, through found or inverted narratives, are creating events, which the work searches for its own context and boundaries. It is time itself revealed, and experience as the central subject.

These are surrogate boxes to store my memories; both lived and unrealized.

Gene Wheeler


I have a diverse range of professional experience spanning over 30-years, including commercial and fine art photography. As a photographer my focus has been on the studio environment, including set design and fabrication, and advanced studio lighting techniques.

I have extensive knowledge in the areas of studio lighting techniques, wet darkroom, digital capture and workflow techniques, large format camera techniques as well as the history of photography.

The evolution of my personal work, sculptural in nature but photographically driven, has influenced not only my art, but often is evident in my commercial assignments as well as the direction of my course development as an educator.


EDUCATION           2006            Master of Fine Arts – Photography, Video and Related Media, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY 

                                2003             Bachelor of Arts – Photography, Art Institute of Colorado, Denver, CO





11 July – 22 August 2015                 Annual Members Show – Colorado Photographic Arts Center

 20 March – 24 April 2015                It’s All Here In Black & White – Exhibition Catalog,

                        Bell Photographic, Denver, CO

25 March – 28 May 2011                     Down The Rabbit Hole- Hinterland Gallery, Denver, CO

25 March – 28 March 201                    Images From The Getaway – 853 Santa Fe, Denver, CO

4 March – 5 May 2011                            The Eyes of 10 – John Jellico Gallery, Denver, CO

10 September – 26 September 2010   PINK - Core New Art Space, Denver, CO

15 April – 2 May 2010                            WOW – Core New Art Space, Denver, CO

12 June – 3 July 2006                           Early Works – Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY

16 August – 15 September 2004           Passages – Luna Contemporary Gallery, Crested Butte, CO

4 April – 28 April 2003                           Mythology & Misogyny – Funky Buddha Gallery, Denver, CO

8 August – 7 September 1999               Group exhibition – Ward Nasse Gallery, New York, NY

10 April – 26 April 1998                            Fractured Moments – Antropolis Gallery, Denver, CO

2 January – 3 February 1998                   Group exhibition – Planet Off Gallery, Denver, CO

7 July – 12 August 1997                              Hope, Faith, Dreams –Photographers Eye Gallery, DenveCO

15 May – 14 June 1994                                Intertwined – Spiral Art Gallery, New York, NY